Zeamatin inhibits trypsin and alpha-amylase activities.

  title={Zeamatin inhibits trypsin and alpha-amylase activities.},
  author={Rebecca Schimoler-O'Rourke and Michael B. Richardson and Claude P. Selitrennikoff},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={67 5},
Zeamatin is a 22-kDa protein isolated from Zea mays that has antifungal activity against human and plant pathogens. Unlike other pathogenesis-related group 5 proteins, zeamatin inhibits insect alpha-amylase and mammalian trypsin activities. It is of clinical significance that zeamatin did not inhibit human alpha-amylase activity and inhibited mammalian trypsin activity only at high molar concentrations. 

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