Zadovoljstvo poslom kod medicinskih sestara i tehničara u odnosu na mjesto rada Job satisfaction of nurses in relation to workplace

  title={Zadovoljstvo poslom kod medicinskih sestara i tehni{\vc}ara u odnosu na mjesto rada Job satisfaction of nurses in relation to workplace},
  author={Jadranka Plu{\vz}ari{\'c} and Sanja Kanisek and Lorna Dubac Nemet},
Job satisfaction is an individual’s attitude toward the profession, and has been associated with performing daily activities during the work process. Objective: The study examined the areas of job satisfaction of nurses / technicians in relation to the place of work. Participants included were 98 nurses and technicians, from the Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek and Health Centre Osijek. Methods: The scale of job satisfaction for testing the general attitude and areas of job satisfaction. Results… 

Job satisfaction of nurses in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia: a cross-sectional study

The overall results for all three countries show that men and women differed in their perception of exposure to discrimination at work, and nurses should be able to move forward, improve communication and interpersonal relationships to be even more comfortable in the workplace.

Work motivation and job satisfaction of doctors and nurses in Vojvodina, Serbia

Doctors, compared to nurses, were significantly more motivated by the work motivation factors: accomplishing goals of the health center, good work relationships, positive work environment, possibilities for improvement, and independence at work.

Development and Psychometric Testing of the Croatian Version of the Job Satisfaction Scale in Hospital Nurses

The factor structure of the Croatian version of the JSS was found to be similar to that of the original scale, and it is valid and reliable for measuring attitudes toward job satisfaction among hospital nurses.

Influence of Work Motivation, Work Environment and Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intention of Croatian Nurses: A Qualitative Study

Recognizing nursing challenges in healthcare system and the factors which influence the intention of nurses to leave can help to development of a clear strategy and retention measures according to factors that influence their turnover intention.

Usporedba zadovoljstva poslom medicinskih sestara/tehničara u Kliničkom bolničkom centru Zagreb i Kliničkoj bolnici Merkur Nurses job satisfaction in Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb and Clinical Hospital Merkur

This paper aims to provide a history of plastic reconstructive surgery and breast surgery in Slovenia and some of the techniques used in this operation will be used in the future for similar procedures in other countries.


Urban healthcare professionals, compared to rural healthcare workers, were significantly more motivated by the factor of work motivation – achieving the goals of the health center.

Where to Look for a Remedy? Burnout Syndrome and its Associations with Coping and Job Satisfaction in Critical Care Nurses—A Cross-Sectional Study

It is recommendable for active coping to be implemented in nurses’ training programmes as an essential element of capacity building aimed at reducing the incidence of burnout in nurses.

Health, Work Variables, and Job Satisfaction Among Nurses

Improvements in scheduling and interventions designed to reduce depression and emotional stress may help to improve job satisfaction in nurses and aid in nurse recruitment and retention.

Nurses’ Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Career Intent

Findings of this investigation suggest the organizational environment, educational preparation, and personal characteristics of currently employed registered nurses affect their current job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and plans for continuing as a nurse.

Measurement of nurse practitioner job satisfaction in a midwestern state

Overall job satisfaction of NPs was minimally satisfied to satisfied, but satisfaction scores fell steadily with each additional year of experience, reaching a plateau between the 8th to 11th years of practice.

Burnout, role conflict, job satisfaction and psychosocial health among Hungarian health care staff: a questionnaire survey.

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  • Medicine, Psychology
    International journal of nursing studies
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Nurses' job satisfaction in their early career: is it the same for all branches of nursing?

Findings support a generic instrument that can be used to measure the job satisfaction of adult, child and mental health nurses in their early career.

The changing nature of nurses' job satisfaction: an exploration of sources of satisfaction in the 1990s.

Developing an understanding of the changing nature of nurses' job satisfaction may help to resolve recruitment and retention problems, and the suitability of existing research approaches and measurement tools for portraying nurses' contemporary work experiences is examined.

Factors contributing to nurse job satisfaction in the acute hospital setting: a review of recent literature.

Recognition and regular reviewing by nurse managers of factors that contribute to job satisfaction for nurses working in acute care areas is pivotal to the retention of valued staff.

Nurses' Views on Work Enabling Factors

A simple enabling index and survey tool can be used to proactively assess work environments, so that conditions can be improved before they lead to morale, sickness, and retention problems.

Unit Type Differences in RN Workgroup Job Satisfaction

Differences in RN workgroup job satisfaction were examined among 10 unit types—medical-surgical, step-down, critical care, pediatric, maternal-newborn, psychiatric, emergency department, rehabilitation, surgical services, and outpatient clinics and labs.

Pilot study for evidence-based nursing management: improving the levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intent to leave among nurses in Turkey.

In this study, the effect of evidence-based nursing management practices on nurses' levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intent to leave using the Promoting Action Research Implementation in Health Service framework as a guide is analyzed.