ZW, XY, and yet ZW: Sex chromosome evolution in snakes even more complicated

  title={ZW, XY, and yet ZW: Sex chromosome evolution in snakes even more complicated},
  author={Barbora Augstenov{\'a} and Martina Johnson Pokorn{\'a} and Marie Altmanov{\'a} and D. Frynta and M. Rovatsos and L. Kratochv{\'i}l},
  • Barbora Augstenová, Martina Johnson Pokorná, +3 authors L. Kratochvíl
  • Published 2018
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Evolution
  • Snakes are historically important in the formulation of several central concepts on the evolution of sex chromosomes. For over 50 years, it was believed that all snakes shared the same ZZ/ZW sex chromosomes, which are homomorphic and poorly differentiated in “basal” snakes such as pythons and boas, while heteromorphic and well differentiated in “advanced” (caenophidian) snakes. Recent molecular studies revealed that differentiated sex chromosomes are indeed shared among all families of… CONTINUE READING
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