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ZIGBEE based Wireless Monitoring andControlling of Automation System using PLC & SCADA

  title={ZIGBEE based Wireless Monitoring andControlling of Automation System using PLC \& SCADA},
  author={Vara Manthan Kantila and Anurag Lakhlani},
  journal={International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Energy},
Main aim behind this project is to monitor and control the PLC based system using wireless technology. In this project I am going to use a ZIGBEE and SCADA technology to get wireless automation system. Pair of ZIGBEE is used here, among that one is connected with the PLC in the industry side and another one is connected with PC in the control room. Data from the PLC side will be transferred continuously to PC via ZIGBEE by sending a bit of the process that occurs in the industry and it will be… 

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