Z-peak subtracted representation of Bhabha scattering and search for new physics effects

  title={Z-peak subtracted representation of Bhabha scattering and search for new physics effects},
  author={Matteo Beccaria and Fernand M. Renard and Stefania Spagnolo and Claudio Verzegnassi},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We extend to the special case of Bhabha scattering the "Z-peak subtracted" representation previously applied to e+e- to f f(bar) (f different from e). This allows us to analyze the process at any energy while imposing in an automatic way the constraints set by high precision measurements at the Z peak. The procedure turns out to be particularly convenient for the search of a certain class of new physics effects at variable energy. A few examples are considered and the information thus obtained… 
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