(Z)-N-[2-(Dimethyl­ammonio)eth­yl]thio­acetamide chloride


The thio-amide and quaternary amine parts of the title compound, C(6)H(15)N(2)S(+)·Cl(-), are mutually almost perpendicular, the dihedral angle being 80.6 (7)°. The thio-amide group is planar and adopts a Z conformation, whereas the amine end of the cation is in an extended conformation. In the supra-molecular structure, mol-ecules are linked into centrosymmetric dimers by two hydrogen bonds: N-H(amine)⋯Cl and N-H(thio-amide)⋯Cl.

DOI: 10.1107/S1600536807064872

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