Z 2-Regge versus Standard Regge Calculus in two dimensions

  title={Z 2-Regge versus Standard Regge Calculus in two dimensions},
  author={E. Bittner and Aleksandra Hauke and H. M. S. Markum and J{\"u}rgen Riedler and Christian Holm and Wolfhard Janke},
We consider two versions of quantum Regge calculus. The Standard Regge Calculus where the quadratic link lengths of the simplicial manifold vary continuously and the Z2-Regge Model where they are restricted to two possible values. The goal is to determine whether the computationally more easily accessible Z2 model still retains the universal characteristics of standard Regge theory in two dimensions. In order to compare observables such as average curvature or Liouville field susceptibility, we… CONTINUE READING
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