Z(2) monopoles in SU(n) Yang-Mills-Higgs theories

  title={Z(2) monopoles in SU(n) Yang-Mills-Higgs theories},
  author={Marco A. C. Kneipp and Paulo J. Liebgott},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Z{sub n} monopoles are important for the understanding of the Goddard-Nuyts-Olive duality when the scalar field is not in the adjoint representation. We analyze the Z{sub 2} monopole solutions in SU(n) Yang-Mills-Higgs theories spontaneously broken to Spin(n)/Z{sub 2} by a scalar in the nxn representation. We construct explicitly Z{sub 2} monopole asymptotic fields solutions for each of the weights of the defining representation of the dual algebra so(n){sup or.} 

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