Z′ at the LHC: interference and finite width effects in Drell-Yan

  title={Z′ at the LHC: interference and finite width effects in Drell-Yan},
  author={Elena Accomando and Diego Becciolini and Alexander Belyaev and S. Moretti and C. Shepherd-Themistocleous},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractThe interference effects between an extra neutral spin-1 Z′-boson and the Standard Model background in the Drell-Yan channel at the LHC are studied in detail. The final state with two oppositely charged leptons is considered. The interference contribution to the new physics signal, currently not fully taken into account by experimental collaborations in Z′-searches and in the interpretation of the results, can be substantial. It may affect limits or discovery prospects of Z′ at the LHC… 
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