Zéro-cycles sur les espaces homogènes et problème de Galois inverse

  title={Z{\'e}ro-cycles sur les espaces homog{\`e}nes et probl{\`e}me de Galois inverse},
  author={Yonatan Harpaz and Olivier Wittenberg},
Let X be a smooth compactification of a homogeneous space of a linear algebraic group G over a number field k. We establish the conjecture of Colliot-Th\'el\`ene, Sansuc, Kato and Saito on the image of the Chow group of zero-cycles of X in the product of the same groups over all the completions of k. When G is semisimple and simply connected and the geometric stabiliser is finite and supersolvable, we show that rational points of X are dense in the Brauer-Manin set. For finite supersolvable… Expand
The \'etale Brauer-Manin obstruction to strong approximation on homogeneous spaces
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Number fields with prescribed norms.
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The Massey vanishing conjecture for number fields
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Compatibility of weak approximation for zero-cycles on products of varieties
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Le principe de Hasse pour les espaces homogènes : réduction au cas des stabilisateurs finis
Nous montrons, pour une grande famille de propriétés des espaces homogènes, qu’une telle propriété vaut pour tout espace homogène d’un groupe linéaire connexe dès qu’elle vaut pour les espacesExpand
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Given a number field $k$ and a finite $k$-group $G$, the Tame Approximation Problem for $G$ asks whether the restriction map $H^1(k,G)\to\prod_{v\in\Sigma}H^1(k_v,G)$ is surjective for every finiteExpand
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