Yugoslavian Journal, May 4–May 30, 1927

  title={Yugoslavian Journal, May 4–May 30, 1927},
  author={Ethel M. Mairet},
  journal={The Journal of Modern Craft},
  pages={77 - 85}
  • Ethel M. Mairet
  • Published 1 March 2015
  • Linguistics
  • The Journal of Modern Craft
Introduction Ethel Mairet’s 1927 journal1 was kept in a small notebook measuring 17 cm × 11 cm. Mairet traveled from her home at Ditchling in Sussex on May 4 via Paris and through Switzerland, where she and Philip Mairet visited his relatives. From Lausanne they took the Orient Express to Trieste, traveling on by boat to Split and Dubrovnik. Mairet’s writing style varies—from extended descriptions to observations in note form. She wrote the journal on the righthand page of the notebook but…