Yuchi Phonology

  title={Yuchi Phonology},
  author={J. M. Crawford},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
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  • J. M. Crawford
  • Published 1973
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
Strength-based faithfulness and the sibilant /s/ in Italian
Abstract Notwithstanding the primacy of the CV syllable, a number of languages allow for more complex types of syllables. In particular, word-initial consonant clusters are particularly challengingExpand
Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon
This dissertation investigates the linguistic and technological challenges involved in creating a cross-linguistic data set to undertake phonological typology, and addresses the question of whether more sophisticated, knowledge-based approaches to data modeling can extend previous typological observations and provide new ways of querying segment inventories. Expand
Affricating ejective fricatives: The case of Tigrinya
The production of an ejective fricative involves an aerodynamic dilemma. An ejective requires increased intraoral air pressure, while a fricative requires air to be continuously vented through aExpand
Acquisition of /s/-initial Clusters: A Parametric Approach
The special status of word-initial /s/-consonant clusters has long been observed by researchers: Some /s/-initial sequences, such as /s/-stop clusters, violate the Sonority Sequencing Principle. InExpand
Markedness Relations and Implicational Universals in the Typology of Onset Obstruent Clusters
Languages of the world differ in the structure of their onsets. Some languages only allow simple onsets, whereas others allow consonants clusters in onsets with different degrees of complexity. AmongExpand
Mazatec Onsets and Nuclei
L'A. analyse la structure syllabique du dialecte mazatec huautla. Il montre que le mazatec a des syllabes simples et des plosives simples. La richesse du systeme repose sur les differents traits quiExpand
From one to many, from many to one: Speech communities in the Muskogee stompdance population.
Sociolinguists use speech communities as their units of analysis. While widely used, the concept of the speech community has never been defined precisely. Many sociolinguists assume the populationsExpand
Patterns of sounds
The size and structure of phonological inventories, and the design of the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database' Indices. Expand