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Youth gambling education and prevention: Does it work?

  title={Youth gambling education and prevention: Does it work?},
Last year, the Responsibility in Gambling Trust (RiGT) commissioned Tacade and the International Gaming Research Unit to produce education materials on youth gambling to be used in schools and other youth education settings. This initiative was featured in a previous issue of Education and Health (see Buczkiewicz & Griffiths, 2006) and the project led to the publication of two sets of comprehensive resources (You Bet! and Just Another Game?). Given the investment by RiGT in these educational… Expand
Youth Gambling: The health and wellbeing of New Zealand secondary school students in 2012
Gambling has become a widely available activity in today’s society (Hardoon & Derevensky, 2002; Turchi & Derevensky, 2006). In fact, many researchers “have noted that an entire generation has nowExpand


Why don't adolescents turn up for gambling treatment (revisited)?
In a previous issue of the Electronic Journal of Gambling Issues , Griffiths (2001) raised 10 speculative reasons as to why so few adolescents enrol for treatment programs when compared with adults.Expand
Online therapy: Implications for problem gamblers and clinicians1
It is clear that clinicians working in the field of problem gambling cannot afford to ignore the Internet. Psychological advice, help and treatment for gamblers are no exceptions with bothExpand
Online guidance, advice, and support for problem gamblers and concerned relatives and friends: an evaluation of the GamAid pilot service
ABSTRACT The paper reports one of the first ever studies to evaluate the effectiveness of an online help and guidance service for problem gamblers. The evaluation utilised a mixed methods design inExpand
Gambling and Gaming Addictions in Adolescence
Introduction. Part I: Behavioural Addictions. Part II: Technological Addictions. Part III: Adolescent Gambling. Part IV: Gambling on Fruit Machines. Part V: Videogames and Fruit Machines -Expand
Prevention of Problem Gambling
Alberta Gaming Research Institute's 2nd Annual Conference, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta. March 27-28, 2003.
Adolescent gambling.
Gambling addiction and its treatment within the NHS
Educational work on problem gambling
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