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Youth Work: A Manifesto For Our Times - Revisited

  title={Youth Work: A Manifesto For Our Times - Revisited},
  author={Bernard Davies},
The Youth & Policy editorial group are delighted to re-publish Bernard Davies’ Manifesto for Youth Work, re-framed to reflect on the current context for the field. Originally published 10 years ago in 2005, Davies’ Manifesto has been an influential document in both practical and academic discussions of what constitute the key features of youth work. We hope it stimulates reflection on the role of empowerment, voluntary participation and working with groups in youth work practice today. Re… Expand
Contemporary Irish youth work policy and practice: A Governmental analysis
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Austerity youth policy: exploring the distinctions between youth work in principle and youth work in practice
In the contemporary political and socio-economic context the future of open access youth work remains uncertain. Since the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition government came to power in 2010Expand
Youth work, performativity and the new youth impact agenda: getting paid for numbers?
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Youth work education: is the voluntary principle no longer reliable in defining youth work?
At a time when traditional orthodoxies are open to challenge, it is useful to critically reflect on changing youth work practice contexts. Asserting the voluntary principle and free choice in openExpand
Critical Youth Work for Youth-Driven Innovation: A Theoretical Framework
A theoretical framework is presented which conceptualizes how youth work can empower or lead to youth-led innovation. Attention is given to critical youth work, its ability to uncover socialExpand
European Youth Work Policy and Young People’s Experience of Open Access Youth Work
This article examines young people’s experiences of open access youth work in settings in the UK, Finland, Estonia, Italy and France. It analyses 844 individual narratives from young people, whichExpand
Youth policies and youth participation: from beneficiaries to actors
Recent research shows that young people tend to be scarcely involved in political matters, thus remaining invisible. There are indeed forms of youth activism, but they tend to involve different waysExpand
The experience of open access youth work: the voice of young people
ABSTRACT This research explores young people’s experiences of open access youth work and identifies what they consider to be its value. The detailed analysis of the data, achieved through focusExpand
Undervalued or Misunderstood? Youth Work and its Contribution to Lifelong Learning
This paper discusses the relevance of non formal educational experiences associated with youth work practice in Northern Ireland. It argues that while youth work is distinctly educational andExpand
Youth work, social education, democratic practice and the challenge of difference: A contribution to debate
This paper highlights the contribution of theoretical discussions of social education in UK youth work to debates about ‘social pedagogy’, arguing that the analysis of power and difference, inExpand


Youth work in a changing policy landscape: the view from England 1
Since the Coalition came to power in 2010, a stream of influential policy initiatives focused on young people and ‘services for young people’ has left democratic and emancipatory forms of youth workExpand
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Dissension in the British government about economic policy has wider implications.
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