[Young people with motor disabilities facing their sexuality].


In a care and rehabilitation centre in Vaucresson, the nursing team in charge of the medical and paramedical care of young boarders with motor disabilities is regularly confronted with adolescents' questions relating to their relationships and sex life. An adapted global and individual support structure has been set up. The keystone is the creation of a… (More)


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@article{Michon2011YoungPW, title={[Young people with motor disabilities facing their sexuality].}, author={Florence Michon and Leila Boumaiza and Laetitia Dessiaume and Chantal Marthely and Christelle Cote and Pascal Dartique and Ang{\`e}s Kouchlef}, journal={Revue de l'infirmiere}, year={2011}, volume={176}, pages={23-4} }