Young Academics in E-Learning Research - Editorial

  title={Young Academics in E-Learning Research - Editorial},
  author={Martin Ebner and Ortrun Gr{\"o}blinger and Stephan Waba and Kai Erenli and Erwin Bratengeyer and Reinhard Staber},
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Using Universal Design for Learning to Optimize Flexibility in Assessment and Class Activities While Maximizing Alignment With Course Objectives
  • F. Fovet
  • Psychology
  • Optimizing Higher Education Learning Through Activities and Assessments
  • 2020
Diverse learners are increasingly present in higher education (HE) and now represent a significant percentage of the student body. HE pedagogy has not always evolved rapidly enough to meet theExpand
A Complete Validated Learning Analytics Framework: Designing Issues from Data Preparation Perspective
This article investigates the issues that issues that should be considered when approaching LA, and which can be improved overall and improve the overall effectiveness of overall effectiveness. Expand
Blended Learning Versus Traditional Lecture in Introductory Nursing Pathophysiology Courses.
The results of this study support the need for further research of using blended learning in introductory pathophysiology courses in undergraduate baccalaureate nursing programs and indicate that the differences in posttest scores were not statistically significant between groups. Expand
Enhancement of Mechanical Engineering Degree through student design competition as added value. Considerations and viability
A pilot competition design activity (CDA) is presented using project-based learning methods during a Mechanism Theory course for sophomore students and the authors are planning to implement the proposal, including similar CDAs in other Mechanical Engineering courses to use the competition as a link between them and to encourage students to participate on the competition. Expand