Young's moduli and shear moduli in cortical bone.

  title={Young's moduli and shear moduli in cortical bone.},
  author={H C Spatz and Emer O'Leary and Julian F. V. Vincent},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={263 1368},
Young's modulus and shear modulus are determined for cortical bone from mammals and birds and for antler bone, using three-point bending at a range of span-to-depth ratios between 25 and 10. Young's modulus is obtained by extrapolating the values for the flexural modulus Eapp to infinite span-to-depth ratios. The shear modulus is obtained from the dependance of Eapp on this ratio. The main determinant for the mechanical properties is the mineral content. For mammalian bone the frequency of… CONTINUE READING