You are now entering Eurabia

  title={You are now entering Eurabia},
  author={Matthew Carr},
  journal={Race \& Class},
  pages={1 - 22}
  • M. Carr
  • Published 1 July 2006
  • Political Science
  • Race & Class
In recent years, an increasingly influential intellectual consensus on both sides of the Atlantic has presented Europe as a doomed and decadent continent that is being transformed into an Islamic colony called ‘Eurabia’. The term was originally coined by the British-Swiss historian Bat Ye’or to describe what she identified as a secret project between European politicians and the Arab world for the ‘Islamicisation’ of Europe. What began as an outlandish conspiracy theory has become a dangerous… 

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The main slogans of the democratic movement in Albania during the years 1990–1992 were ‘Freedom and Democracy’ and ‘We want Albania to be like Europe’ — with good reason. ‘Europe’ was then and is

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Andres Behring Breivik, the perpetrator of the 22/7/11 terrorist attacks in Norway, was profoundly inspired by what has become known as the Eurabia genre. Behring Breivik's 1516-page cut-and-paste

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As the neoconservative idea of a clash of civilisations is increasingly challenged, a number of liberal writers — Paul Berman, Nick Cohen, Martin Amis, Andrew Anthony, Bernard Henry-Lévy and

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It is widely accepted that the category of ‘Muslim’ in Europe is patterned by a variety of subjective and objective features. Despite internal difference, some argue that there emerges something

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Anders Behring Breivik, perpetrator of the Norwegian massacre, was motivated by a belief in a Muslim conspiracy to take over Europe. Extreme and aberrant his actions were, but, explains the author,

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The author, who worked at the Swedish Vallentuna centre for unaccompanied minors, was shocked by the anti-foreigner climate she encountered. In order to examine the parameters of this hostility, she

NMR: A Nordic neo-Nazi organization with aims of establishing totalitarian rule across Scandinavia

Right-wing extremism and national socialism (Nazism) are not a new phenomenon in Sweden. White supremacists or neo-Nazis have a long history in the country. Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska

Norwegian Right-Wing Discourses: Extremism Post-Utøya

Since the terror attacks in Oslo and at Utoya in Norway in which 77 civilians lost their lives on 22 July 2011 there have been a number of attempts to provide explanations for the atrocities


Abstract This article examines the intensely mediated debate on the relationship between ideological affinity and political implication that followed the documenting of the ‘citational ecology’ of

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Since 9/11 Muslim women have played a critical role in unsettling and reconfiguring the boundaries of citizenship and belonging in the Canadian national imaginary. Muslim women have been at the



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AFTER FRENCH and Dutch voters rejected the draft treaty establish ing a constitution for Europe lastspring, there was no doubt that a crisis of unprecedented seriousness confronted the European

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Postprocessual views of the transition to agriculture in Northwestern Europe have sought to decouple ideology and subsistence economy as a means of protecting the status of ideology as the sole cause

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