You Can't Stay Here

  title={You Can't Stay Here},
  author={Eshwar Chandrasekharan and Umashanthi Pavalanathan and Anirudh Srinivasan and Adam Glynn and Jacob Eisenstein and Eric Gilbert},
  journal={Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction},
  pages={1 - 22}
In 2015, Reddit closed several subreddits-foremost among them r/fatpeoplehate and r/CoonTown-due to violations of Reddit's anti-harassment policy. However, the effectiveness of banning as a moderation approach remains unclear: banning might diminish hateful behavior, or it may relocate such behavior to different parts of the site. We study the ban of r/fatpeoplehate and r/CoonTown in terms of its effect on both participating users and affected subreddits. Working from over 100M Reddit posts and… 

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Hate begets Hate: A Temporal Study of Hate Speech.

The first temporal analysis of hate speech on, a social media site with very loose moderation policy, generates temporal snapshots of Gab from millions of posts and users and calculates an activity vector based on DeGroot model to identify hateful users.

Hybrid Approaches to Detect Comments Violating Macro Norms on Reddit

This dataset paper presents a three-stage process to collect Reddit comments that are removed comments by moderators of several subreddits, for violating subreddit rules and guidelines, and identifies 8 macro norms that are widely enforced on most parts of Reddit.

r/WatchRedditDie and the politics of reddit’s bans and quarantines

  • J. DeCook
  • Computer Science
    Internet Histories
  • 2021
Through the social worlds framework, the r/WatchRedditDie community's responses to platform change are examined, bringing up new questions about the possibility of shared governance between platform and user, as well as participatory culture’s promises and perils.

Quarantined! Examining the Effects of a Community-Wide Moderation Intervention on Reddit

It is found that the quarantine made it more difficult to recruit new members: new user influx to TRP and TD decreased by 79.5% and 58%, respectively, despite quarantining, existing users’ misogyny and racism levels remained unaffected.

Exploring register variation on Reddit

This study explores register variation within the social media website Reddit using the multi-dimensional approach developed by Douglas Biber, and three register dimensions are extracted from data collected over one month from a group of thirty-seven subreddits: ‘On-line Subjective Production’, ‘Informational Style’ and ‘Instructional Focus’.

A comparison of online hate on reddit and 4chan: a case study of the 2020 US election

This article makes use of various Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to computationally analyse hateful content from Reddit and 4chan relating to the 2020 US Presidential Elections, and shows how content and posting activity can differ depending on the platform being used.

Topic Modeling The Red Pill

This methodology not only proved that it could replicate the results of a previous study, but also delivered insights into an increasingly political focus within TRP, and deeper perspectives into the concepts identified within the movement.

The Internet's Hidden Rules

Given the size of Reddit's user base, it is argued this represents the first large-scale census of the norms in broader internet culture, and shed light on what Reddit values, and how widely-held those values are.

Crossmod: A Cross-Community Learning-based System to Assist Reddit Moderators

Crossmod is the first open source, AI-backed sociotechnical moderation system to be designed using participatory methods, and an approach that leverages a large corpus of previous moderator decisions via an ensemble of classifiers.

Characterizing Reddit Participation of Users Who Engage in the QAnon Conspiracy Theories

The results point to the likelihood that the activities of early QAnon users on Reddit were dedicated and committed to the conspiracy, providing implications on both platform moderation design and future research.



The Bag of Communities: Identifying Abusive Behavior Online with Preexisting Internet Data

It is argued that the BoC approach may allow communities to deal with a range of common problems, like abusive behavior, faster and with fewer engineering resources.

Regulating Behavior in Online Communities

In thriving communities, a rough consensus eventually emerges about the range of behaviors the managers and most members consider acceptable, what we will call normative behaviors, and another range

Antisocial Behavior in Online Discussion Communities

This paper characterize antisocial behavior in three large online discussion communities by analyzing users who were banned from these communities, finding that such users tend to concentrate their efforts in a small number of threads, are more likely to post irrelevantly, and are more successful at garnering responses from other users.

The black hole

The following is a cue rundown descriptive analysis of John Barry's score to Walt Disney's The Black Hole. When I studied the score at Disney Studio in the spring of 1990, I did not have time to

Slash(dot) and burn: distributed moderation in a large online conversation space

Analysis of the site suggests that the answer is a qualified yes, but that important challenges remain for designers of such systems.

User Migration in Online Social Networks: A Case Study on Reddit During a Period of Community Unrest

This work examines Reddit during a period of community unrest affecting millions of users in the summer of 2015, and analyzes large-scale changes in user behavior and migration patterns to Reddit-like alternative platforms.

Modeling the Detection of Textual Cyberbullying

This work decomposes the overall detection problem into detection of sensitive topics, lending itself into text classification sub-problems and shows that the detection of textual cyberbullying can be tackled by building individual topic-sensitive classifiers.

#thyghgapp: Instagram Content Moderation and Lexical Variation in Pro-Eating Disorder Communities

It is found that the pro-ED community has adopted non-standard lexical variations of moderated tags to circumvent these restrictions and express more toxic, self-harm, and vulnerable content.

Automatic identification of personal insults on social news sites

This paper addresses the issue of off-topic, negative comments with malicious intent through a machine learning approach to automatic detection of inappropriate negative user contributions, and shows great potential for semiautomated community management.

Hate speech, machine classification and statistical modelling of information flows on Twitter: interpretation and communication for policy decision making

A supervised machine learning text classifier is trained and tested to distinguish between hateful and/or antagonistic responses with a focus on race, ethnicity or religion; and more general responses, and it is demonstrated how the results can be robustly utilized in a statistical model used to forecast the likely spread of hate speech in a sample of Twitter data.