Yoruba religion and medicine in Ibadan

  title={Yoruba religion and medicine in Ibadan},
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Gender Disparities in Witchcraft Beliefs: A Challenge to Nigerian and African Historiography
The understanding of how gender roles are assigned to abstract issues like witchcraft beliefs, remains a challenge to contemporary African historians. Witchcraft as a significant area of humanistic
The Dialectics of Twoness in Yoruba Art and Culture
Babatunde Lawal The notion that reality has two aspects (i.e., spirit/matter, visible/invisible, male/female, good/evil, essence/ existence) is a universal and ancient phenomenon. However, its
Stress and Coping Among Mothers of Twins in Rural Southwestern Nigeria
Abstract High rates of twinning have been reported in Africa. This study sought to learn whether mothers of twins experience different stress levels than those who have only singletons. Both twin
Water Symbolism in Yorùbá Folklore and Culture1
Water is not only a physical substance; it is also an intrinsic part of peoples’ identity, cultural perception, religious beliefs and worldviews. Water is a relevant and a significant variable that
The Survival of the Yorùbá Healing Systems in the Modern Age
  • I. Paul
  • History
    Yoruba Studies Review
  • 2021
This study investigates the philosophy and tradition of the Yorùbá healing system and the reasons for its survival into the modern age. The introduction of western-style healthcare by
Traditional Healing Practices and Holistic Health: The Implication for Christian Families in South West Region of Nigeria
The Christian family is considered as the first and basic expression of man’s social nature. The family is also the smallest social unit and a community of persons, where love and affection are
“Yahoo boys” phenomenon in Lagos metropolis: A qualitative investigation
This study investigated what law enforcement agents, who are saddled with the responsibility of curbing cyber crime, know about the malaise; how young people are initiated into cyber crime; the roles
Folk beliefs of food avoidance and prescription among menstruating and pregnant Karbi women of Kamrup district, Assam
The foods which are included during menstruation and pregnancy were nutrient rich and foods avoided during that period was somewhat scientific, according to focus group discussion among adolescent girls and pregnant women.
This research explores critically the context of dramatic performance in Olojo Festival, a traditional celebration in favour of Ogun in File Ice. In the course of discussing the dramatic elements and