Yoga-based intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome: a randomized trial.

  title={Yoga-based intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome: a randomized trial.},
  author={Marian S. Garfinkel and Amit Singhal and Warren Katz and Damon A Allan and R A Reshetar and Harold R. Schumacher},
  volume={280 18},
CONTEXT Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common complication of repetitive activities and causes significant morbidity. OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of a yoga-based regimen for relieving symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. DESIGN Randomized, single-blind, controlled trial. SETTING A geriatric center and an industrial site in 1994-1995. PATIENTS Forty-two employed or retired individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome (median age, 52 years; range, 24-77 years). INTERVENTION Subjects… CONTINUE READING