Yoga and Sexual Functioning: A Review

  title={Yoga and Sexual Functioning: A Review},
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Yoga is an ancient practice with Eastern roots that involves both physical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayamas). There is also a cognitive component focusing on meditation and concentration, which aids in achieving the goal of union between the self and the spiritual. Although numerous empirical studies have found a beneficial effect of yoga on different aspects of physical and psychological functioning, claims of yoga's beneficial effects on sexuality derive from a rich but… Expand
Yoga Therapy
This chapter reviews the evidence supporting the efficacy of yoga therapy for wellness, and as an adjunct to standard care for a number of chronic conditions. The underlying mechanisms are explored,Expand
A Systematic Review on Mindfulness Meditation-Based Interventions for Sexual Dysfunctions.
The effects of MBT in female sexual dysfunctions are promising and the mindfulness-based monotherapies should be implemented to verify their potential in reducing symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Expand
Introduction. Yoga is practiced both in developing and developed countries. Many patients and yoga protagonists claim that it is useful in improving sexual functions and treating sexual disorders.Expand
A Review of Mindfulness-Based Sex Therapy Interventions for Sexual Desire and Arousal Difficulties: From Research to Practice
  • S. Mize
  • Psychology
  • Current Sexual Health Reports
  • 2015
Published articles and case studies on mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) to treat sexual desire and arousal dysfunctions were reviewed. Only publications utilizing clinical samples (which areExpand
Yoga in male sexual functioning: a noncompararive pilot study.
Yoga appears to be an effective method of improving all domains of sexual functions in men as studied by MSQ. Expand
Yoga effects on physical activity and sexual satisfaction among the Iranian women with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial.
Yoga techniques may improve physical activities and sexual satisfaction function of women with MS. Expand
Sexual Wellness Enhancement and Enrichment Training (SWEET): A hypothetical group model for addressing sexual health and wellbeing
This article presents a four-stage literature review conducted as a first phase in determining the potential benefits of the proposed Sexual Wellness Enhancement and Enrichment Training (SWEET) modelExpand
Improving Sexual Function in Perimenopause Women with Loving Yoga Exercise
Background: Reduced vaginal mucus to dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) is often experienced by perimenopausal women. This decreases sexual drive and awakening in women who influence sexualExpand
A mindful model of sexual health: A review and implications of the model for the treatment of individuals with compulsive sexual behavior disorder
The Mindful Model of Sexual Health is proposed as a holistic and integrative model that honors and acknowledges individual differences and provides mindfulness-based tools and practices to support individuals to proactively manage, balance, and promote sexual and mental health. Expand
Efficacy of certain yogic and naturopathic procedures in premature ejaculation: A pilot study
Assessment of the efficacy of certain yogic and naturopathic procedures in the management of PE found both Yoga and Naturopathy procedures didn’t provide relief on total score of PESI. Expand


Eastern approaches for enhancing women's sexuality: mindfulness, acupuncture, and yoga (CME).
The empirical literature supporting Eastern techniques, such as mindfulness, acupuncture, and yoga, for women's sexual complaints and loss of satisfaction is sparse but promising. Expand
Mindfulness in sex therapy: Applications for women with sexual difficulties following gynecologic cancer
Abstract Mindfulness practice is an ancient tradition in Eastern philosophy that forms the basis for meditation, and it is increasingly making its way into Western approaches to health care. AlthoughExpand
A mindfulness-based group psychoeducational intervention targeting sexual arousal disorder in women.
These data provide preliminary support for a brief, three-session group psychoeducational intervention for women with sexual desire and arousal complaints and indicate that mindfulness was the most effective component of the treatment, in line with prior findings. Expand
Minding the body: Yoga, embodiment, and well-being
The second half of the twentieth century witnessed a dramatic influx of yoga into the West. Hatha yoga is a movement-based form of relaxation and meditation that combines physical postures,Expand
Effects of hatha yoga on well-being in healthy adults in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • N. Hadi, Nasrul Hadi
  • Medicine
  • Eastern Mediterranean health journal = La revue de sante de la Mediterranee orientale = al-Majallah al-sihhiyah li-sharq al-mutawassit
  • 2007
It is concluded that yoga can improve physical and mental health, and promotes well-being, in volunteers who attended yoga classes for 6 months. Expand
Yoga in premature ejaculation: a comparative trial with fluoxetine.
Yoga appears to be a feasible, safe, effective and acceptable nonpharmacological option for PE and more studies involving larger patients could be carried out to establish its utility in this condition. Expand
Sex therapy as a humanistic enterprise
Abstract Contemporary sexology is fragmented, with the new sexuality studies almost completely split off from the new sexual therapies. Clinical sexology research and practice are in danger of beingExpand
A randomized trial of yoga for adolescents with irritable bowel syndrome.
Yoga holds promise as an intervention for adolescents with IBS and adolescents in the yoga group reported lower levels of functional disability, less use of emotion-focused avoidance and lower anxiety following the intervention than teenagers in the control group. Expand
Effects of hatha yoga and african dance on perceived stress, affect, and salivary cortisol
Both African dance and Hatha yoga reduced perceived stress and negative affect and even when these interventions produce similar positive psychological effects, the effects may be very different on physiological stress processes. Expand
Women Living with Men who Use Viagra
ABSTRACT Since the launch of Viagra, there have been few studies on the perspective of the female partner. Through a multiple case study approach drawing from phenomenology and the constantExpand