Yindanxinnaotong, a Chinese compound medicine, synergistically attenuates atherosclerosis progress

  title={Yindanxinnaotong, a Chinese compound medicine, synergistically attenuates
atherosclerosis progress},
  author={Long Cheng and Guo-feng Pan and Xiaodong Zhang and Jian-lu Wang and Wan-dan Wang and Jianyong Zhang and Hui Wang and Ri-xin Liang and Xiaobo Sun},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Yindanxinnaotong (YD), a traditional Chinese medicine, has been introduced to clinical medicine for more than a decade, while its pharmacological properties are still not to be well addressed. This report aimed to explore the anti-atherosclerosis properties and underlying mechanisms of YD. We initially performed a computational prediction based on a network pharmacology simulation, which clued YD exerted synergistically anti-atherosclerosis properties by vascular endothelium protection, lipid… CONTINUE READING
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