Yield and Quality of Corn and Grain Sorghum Grain and Residues as Influenced by N Fertilization1

  title={Yield and Quality of Corn and Grain Sorghum Grain and Residues as Influenced by N Fertilization1},
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Short-Term Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Carbon Mineralization during Corn Residue Decomposition in Soil
The effect of N fertilization on residue decomposition has been studied extensively; however, contrasting results reflect differences in residue quality, the form of N applied, and the type of soil
Do Water and Nitrogen Management Practices Impact Grain Quality in Maize?
Concomitantly pursuing superior maize (Zeamays L.) productivity with grain quality is essential for food security. Therefore, this study provides a meta-analysis of 21 studies assembled from the
The Role of Agriculture in Climate Change: A Preliminary Evaluation of Emission-Control Strategies
** Richard M. Adams is Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Oregon State University; Ching-Cheng Chang and Bruce McCarl are Visiting Assistant Professor and Professor,
Grain sorghum in the hybrid-era, 1957-2008: yield with hybrid advancement and improved agronomic practices
Grain sorghum yield has notably increased from the beginning of hybrid production and commercialization in the late 1950s. The yield increases were the result of improved agronomic practices and
Yielding of two types of maize cultivars grown on CCM in conditions of zero nitrogen fertilization
A more useful hybrid for the application in ecological agriculture has shown to be the cultivar LG 2244 „stay-green” type in comparison with the hybrid Anjou 258 which was more sensitive to nitrogen fertilization.
Influence of nitrogen rates and row spacing on corn yield, protein content, and other plant parameters
Abstract New maize hybrids has been intensively used as the first and second crop at the Cukurova region of Turkey in recent years. Therefore, nutritional problems of corn needs to be solved for the
La durabilité exprimée en termes d'éléments nutritifs - avec référence spéciale I'Afrique de I'Ouest
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