Yezidi Identity Politics and Political Ambitions in the Wake of the ISIS Attack

  title={Yezidi Identity Politics and Political Ambitions in the Wake of the ISIS Attack},
  author={Eszter Sp{\"a}t},
  journal={Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies},
  pages={420 - 438}
  • Eszter Spät
  • Published 22 December 2017
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies
Abstract This article studies the impact of the ISIS attack and its political aftermath on the identity formation of Yezidis and their political ambition for a future in Iraq. Yezidis, a previously marginalized non-Muslim religious minority, came to play an important role in the Kurdish national movement both ideologically, as the ‘guardians of the original Kurdish faith’, and practically, as a source of logistical support to the Peshmerga in the mountains. Attempts to co-opt Yezidis for the… 
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The Other Kurds: Yazidis in Colonial Iraq
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Abstracts List of Maps Notes of Transliteration, Spellings and Names Glossary List of Abbreviations Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Theoretical Fields 3. Geosophy, Geopiety, and Topophilia 4.
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