Yet More Pm Survey Discoveries....?


The Parkes Multibeam (PM) survey has found nearly 50% of the >1400 known pulsars and detected 20% of the pulsars in binary systems (75% within the survey area), few of these are millisecond pulsars with orbits of less than one day. It is known that the normal search techniques used in the PM Survey have selected against finding binary pulsars, due to the long integration times used. The relative performance of the search techniques used and the improvements made prior to the complete reprocessing of the data currently being undertaken are discussed. The processing is being done on COBRA the new supercomputer at Jodrell Bank. The results of the reprocessing, as well as adding more solitary pulsars, will give more confidence on the population and types of binaries in the Galactic plane. However, it can be shown that for millisecond pulsars in binary orbits of between 20min and a few hours, the search techniques are still relatively insensitive.

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