Yerba Maté (Illex Paraguariensis) ingestion augments fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise at various submaximal intensities

  title={Yerba Mat{\'e} (Illex Paraguariensis) ingestion augments fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise at various submaximal intensities},
  author={A. Alkhatib},
  journal={Nutrition & Metabolism},
  pages={42 - 42}
  • A. Alkhatib
  • Published 2014
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition & Metabolism
  • BackgroundIngesting Yerba Maté (YM) has become widely popular for health promotion, obesity prevention and body weight reduction, primarily due its thermogenic effectiveness. However, the YM effects on fat metabolism during exercise, when fat metabolism is already increased several fold, are unknown. The present study investigated whether acute YM ingestion augments fat metabolism parameters of fatty acid oxidation (FAO) and energy expenditure derived from FAO (EEFAO) during exercise with… CONTINUE READING
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