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Yeni-primitivizmden Süprematizme Maleviç'in sanatında tersten perspektif dördüncü boyut ilişkisi

  title={Yeni-primitivizmden S{\"u}prematizme Maleviç'in sanatında tersten perspektif d{\"o}rd{\"u}nc{\"u} boyut ilişkisi},
  author={Evre Yilmaz and Ayla {\"O}dekan},
The study aims to focus on the relationship between reverse perspective and metageometry as a bridge, which carries Malevich art from neo-primitivism to suprematism. The main sources of the study consist of three different kinds of writings. The first group consists of Malevich's own theoretical writings. Since Malevich based his ideas about fourth dimension and spatial reality on Ouspensky's work, the second main source is Ouspensky's Tertium Organum. The third main source is Florensky's… Expand