Yellow nail syndrome as a cause of unexplained edema.


Yellow nail syndrome is a rare cause of edema due to a disordered lymphatic drainage. We recently observed two cases of long-standing, chronic edema, whose nature could not be understood despite innumerable diagnostic procedures. The diagnosis was suspected based on an attentive clinical exam and confirmed by radionuclide lymph scan. Yellow nail syndrome has to be considered in the differential diagnosis in cases of systemic edema, as well as long standing pleural effusions, particularly in patients with bronchiectasis or sinusitis. Clues to diagnosis are the presence of dystrophic, yellowish nails, peripheral lymphedema and relapsing pleural effusions and/or ascites. Long-term control of symptoms is difficult to achieve and may benefit from the judicious use of diuretics and intravenous albumin and by topical alpha-tocopherol. Pleurodesis may be needed. Other pathologic conditions are often associated to yellow nail syndrome and should be ruled out.

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