Yelling for sex: harem males compete for female access in bronze-winged jacanas

  title={Yelling for sex: harem males compete for female access in bronze-winged jacanas},
  author={S. Butchart and N. Seddon and J. M. M. Ekstrom},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
  • S. Butchart, N. Seddon, J. M. M. Ekstrom
  • Published 1999
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Sperm competition in sex-role reversed, polyandrous jacanas is intense because females copulate with multiple male mates before laying each clutch. These males may be unable to attempt to maximize their share of copulations by mate guarding or forcing copulations. Instead, males in polyandrous harems may compete for sexual access to the female by giving a call, termed the 'yell', to attract her. Male bronze-winged jacanas, Metopidius indicus, yelled at higher rates in larger harems, and when… CONTINUE READING
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