Yeast-mycelial conversion induced by N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in Candida albicans

  title={Yeast-mycelial conversion induced by N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in Candida albicans},
  author={Nicola Simonetti and V. Strippoli and Antonio Cassone},
DIMORPHISM in fungi is generally defined as a reversible transition from a yeast habit of growth (Y) to a mycelial one (M)1. In Candida albicans Y→M transition can occur rapidly in serum2,3, serum substitutes and other natural4–6 and synthetic media7. In a few hours the yeast cell or blastospore forms a germ tube which grows as a true mycelium6,8,9. Since the cellular form depends on wall construction10, marked modifications in the organisation of wall components are expected to, and in fact do… CONTINUE READING

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