Yeast mutants auxotrophic for choline or ethanolamine.

  title={Yeast mutants auxotrophic for choline or ethanolamine.},
  author={K D Atkinson and B. U. Jensen and A I Kolat and Elin Storm and Susan A Henry and Seymour Fogel},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={141 2},
Three mutants of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae which require exogenous ethanolamine or choline were isolated. The mutants map to a single locus (cho1) on chromosome V. The lipid composition suggests that cho1 mutants do not synthesize phosphatidylserine under any growth conditions. If phosphatidylethanolamine or phosphatidylcholine, which are usually derived from phosphatidylserine, were synthesized from exogenous ethanolamine or choline, the mutants grew and divided relatively normally… CONTINUE READING
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