Yeast as a Model System to Study Tau Biology

  title={Yeast as a Model System to Study Tau Biology},
  author={Ann De Vos and Jayamani Anandhakumar and Jeff Van den Brande and Mathias Verduyckt and Vanessa Franssens and Joris Winderickx and Erwin Swinnen},
  booktitle={International journal of Alzheimer's disease},
Hyperphosphorylated and aggregated human protein tau constitutes a hallmark of a multitude of neurodegenerative diseases called tauopathies, exemplified by Alzheimer's disease. In spite of an enormous amount of research performed on tau biology, several crucial questions concerning the mechanisms of tau toxicity remain unanswered. In this paper we will highlight some of the processes involved in tau biology and pathology, focusing on tau phosphorylation and the interplay with oxidative stress… CONTINUE READING