Yeast Jhd 2 p is a histone H 3 Lys 4 trimethyl demethylase

  title={Yeast Jhd 2 p is a histone H 3 Lys 4 trimethyl demethylase},
  author={Gaoyang Liang and Robert J Klose and Kathryn Gardner and Yi Irvette Zhang},
Histone methylation is important in regulating chromatin structure and function. In budding yeast, methylation of histone H3 at Lys4 (H3-K4) is associated with active transcription and is enriched at the 5¢ regions of transcribed genes. Here we identify a novel budding yeast JmjC domain–containing H3-K4 demethylase, Jhd2p, that antagonizes the trimethyl modification state and contributes to regulation of telomeric silencing. 

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COMMUNICAT IONS NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY VOLUME 14 NUMBER 3 MARCH 2007 2 4 5 © 20 07 N at ur e P ub lis hi ng G ro up ht tp

  • Y Shi
  • Cell 119,
  • 2004

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