Yearning to yawn: the neural basis of contagious yawning.

  title={Yearning to yawn: the neural basis of contagious yawning.},
  author={Martin Sch{\"u}rmann and Maike D. Hesse and Klaas Enno Stephan and Miiamaaria V Saarela and Karl Zilles and Riitta Hari and Gereon R. Fink},
  volume={24 4},
Yawning is contagious: Watching another person yawn may trigger us to do the same. Here we studied brain activation with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while subjects watched videotaped yawns. Significant increases in the blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signal, specific to yawn viewing as contrasted to viewing non-nameable mouth movements, were observed in the right posterior superior temporal sulcus (STS) and bilaterally in the anterior STS, in agreement with the high… CONTINUE READING

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