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Yaxa Uḱwine’, yaxa Gukw, dłuwida Awińagwis: “The Body, the House, and the Land”: The Conceptualization of Space in Kwakwaka’wakw Language and Culture

  title={Yaxa Uḱwine’, yaxa Gukw, dłuwida Awińagwis: “The Body, the House, and the Land”: The Conceptualization of Space in Kwakwaka’wakw Language and Culture},
  author={Marianne Nicolson},
Forensic visualization of two Kwakwaka’wakw ḱiḱw
This study presents a forensic reconstruction of two Kwakwaka’wakw house posts (ḱiḱw) digitally reconstructed and visualized in their original viewing conditions. After demonstrating how the visual
Beautiful Words: Enriching and Indigenizing Kwak'wala Revitalization through Understandings of Linguistic Structure
Abstract:British Columbia (BC), Canada, is home to 34 Indigenous languages, all of them classified as endangered. Considerable work is underway by First Nation communities to revitalize their
Focus, predication, and polarity in Kwak'wala
In this dissertation, I investigate the formal semantics and pragmatics of alternative focus in Kwak’wala, a critically endangered NorthernWakashan language of British Columbia, Canada. I show that


On language and linguistics
On Language in Relation to the Evolution of Human Consciousness Appendix: Systemic Theory.
New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind: Naturalism and dualism in the study of language and mind
The terms of the title can be understood in various ways, along with the frameworks in which they are embedded. I would like to outline interpretations that I think are useful and proper, and to
Pathways of the brain
The brain is the organ of knowledge and organizer of our abilities, our means of recognizing a face in a crowd, of conversing about anything we experience or imagine, of forming thoughts and
Philosophy in the flesh : the embodied mind and its challenge to Western thought
* Introduction: Who Are We? How The Embodied Mind Challenges The Western Philosophical Tradition * The Cognitive Unconscious * The Embodied Mind * Primary Metaphor and Subjective Experience * The
Language and Culture
This paper surveys the research methods and approaches used in the multidisciplinary field of applied language studies or language education over the last fourty years. Drawing on insights gained in
Words in the Mind: An Introduction to the Mental Lexicon
Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations and Symbols. Part I: Aims and Evidence:. 1. Welcome to Dictionopolis!. The human word-store. 2. Links in the Chain. Assessing the evidence. 3. Programming
On the Lexical Origin of the Kwakwala Passive
  • R. Levine
  • Sociology
    International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1980
0. Kwakwala, like all other members of the Wakashan family, is characterized by a morphology which is unusually rich and complex, even by Amerindian standards.' Several elements of this morphology