Yap1 Activation Enables Bypass of Oncogenic Kras Addiction in Pancreatic Cancer

  title={Yap1 Activation Enables Bypass of Oncogenic Kras Addiction in Pancreatic Cancer},
  author={Avnish Kapoor and Wantong Yao and Haoqiang Ying and Sujun Hua and Alison Liewen and Qiuyun Wang and Yi Zhong and Chang-Jiun Wu and Anguraj Sadanandam and Baoli Hu and Qing Chang and Gerald C. Chu and Ramsey Al-Khalil and Shan Jiang and Hongai Xia and Eliot Fletcher-Sananikone and Carol Sunghye Lim and Gillian I. Horwitz and Andrea Viale and Piergiorgio Pettazzoni and Nora M S{\'a}nchez and Huamin Wang and Alexei Protopopov and Jianhua Zhang and Timothy Paul Heffernan and Randy L. Johnson and Lynda Chin and Yaoqi Alan Wang and Giulio F Draetta and Ronald A. Depinho},
Activating mutations in KRAS are among the most frequent events in diverse human carcinomas and are particularly prominent in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). An inducible Kras(G12D)-driven mouse model of PDAC has established a critical role for sustained Kras(G12D) expression in tumor maintenance, providing a model to determine the potential for and the underlying mechanisms of Kras(G12D)-independent PDAC recurrence. Here, we show that some tumors undergo spontaneous relapse and… CONTINUE READING
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