Yang-Mills glueballs as closed bosonic strings

  title={Yang-Mills glueballs as closed bosonic strings},
  author={Sergei Dubovsky and Guzm{\'a}n Hern{\'a}ndez-Chifflet},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe put forward the Axionic String Ansatz (ASA), which provides a unified description for the worldsheet dynamics of confining strings in pure Yang-Mills theory both in D = 3 and D = 4 space-time dimensions. The ASA is motivated by the excitation spectrum of long confining strings, as measured on a lattice, and by recently constructed integrable axionic non-critical string models. According to the ASA, pure gluodynamics in 3D is described by a non-critical bosonic string theory without… 

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Abstract Recent lattice results strongly support the Axionic String Ansatz (ASA) for quantum numbers of glueballs in 3D Yang-Mills theory. The ASA treats glueballs as closed bosonic strings. The

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A bstractAccording to the Axionic String Ansatz (ASA) confining flux tubes in pure gluodynamics are in the same equivalence class as a new family of integrable non-critical strings, called axionic

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In the presence of a static quark--antiquark pair, the spectrum of the low-lying states in SU($N$) gauge theories is discrete and likely to be described, at large quark separations $r$, by an

String theory of the Regge intercept.

Using the Polchinski-Strominger effective string theory in the covariant gauge, we compute the mass of a rotating string in D dimensions with large angular momenta J, in one or two planes, in fixed