Yak: A High-Performance Big-Data-Friendly Garbage Collector

  title={Yak: A High-Performance Big-Data-Friendly Garbage Collector},
  author={Khanh Nguyen and Lu Fang and Guoqing Xu and Brian Demsky and Shan Lu and Sanazsadat Alamian and Onur Mutlu},
Most “Big Data” systems are written in managed languages, such as Java, C#, or Scala. These systems suffer from severe memory problems due to the massive volume of objects created to process input data. Allocating and deallocating a sea of data objects puts a severe strain on existing garbage collectors (GC), leading to high memory management overheads and reduced performance. This paper describes the design and implementation of Yak, a “Big Data” friendly garbage collector that provides high… CONTINUE READING
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