YY Hya and its interstellar environment

  title={YY Hya and its interstellar environment},
  author={Stefan Kimeswenger and John R. Thorstensen and Robert A. Fesen and Marcel Drechsler and Xavier Strottner and Maicon Germiniani and Thomas Steindl and Norbert Przybilla and Kathryn E. Weil and Justin Rupert Univ. Innsbruck Austria and Ucn Antofagasta Chile and Dept. of Physics and Astronomy Dartmouth Usa and Sternwarte Baerenstein Germany and Montfraze France and Serra Alta Brazil and Purdue Univ. Usa and MD Usa},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. During a search for previously unknown Galactic emission nebulae, we discovered a faint 36 (cid:48) diameter H α emission nebula centered around the periodic variable YY Hya. Although this star has been classified as an RR-Lyr variable, such a classification is inconsistent with a Gaia distance of (cid:39) 450 pc. The GALEX image data also show YY Hya as having a strong UV excess, suggesting the existence of a hot and compact binary companion. Aims. We aim to clarify the nature of YY Hya… 

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