author={Alexey Bufetov and Leonid A. Petrov},
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Employing bijectivization of summation identities, we introduce local stochastic moves based on the Yang–Baxter equation for $U_{q}(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}_{2}})$ . Combining these moves leads to a new object which we call the spin Hall–Littlewood Yang–Baxter field—a probability distribution on two-dimensional arrays of particle configurations on the discrete line. We identify joint distributions along down-right paths in the Yang–Baxter field with spin Hall–Littlewood processes, a… 
Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions, combinatorial identities, and half-space Yang-Baxter random field
Abstract. Stable spin Hall-Littlewood symmetric polynomials labeled by partitions were recently introduced by Borodin and Wheeler in the context of higher spin six vertex models, which are
Irreversible Markov Dynamics and Hydrodynamics for KPZ States in the Stochastic Six Vertex Model
We introduce a family of Markov growth processes on discrete height functions defined on the 2-dimensional square lattice. Each height function corresponds to a configuration of the six vertex model
Determinantal Structures in Space-Inhomogeneous Dynamics on Interlacing Arrays
It is shown that for a certain class of initial conditions the point process associated with the dynamics has determinantal correlation functions, and the correlation kernel for one of the most classical initial conditions, the densely packed is calculated.
qRSt: A Probabilistic Robinson–Schensted Correspondence for Macdonald Polynomials
We present a probabilistic generalization of the Robinson–Schensted correspondence in which a permutation maps to several different pairs of standard Young tableaux with nonzero probability. The
q-Whittaker functions, finite fields, and Jordan forms
The q-Whittaker function Wλ(x; q) associated to a partition λ is a q-analogue of the Schur function sλ(x), and is defined as the t = 0 specialization of the Macdonald polynomial Pλ(x; q, t). We give
Spin q-Whittaker polynomials and deformed quantum Toda.
Spin $q$-Whittaker symmetric polynomials labeled by partitions $\lambda$ were recently introduced by Borodin and Wheeler (arXiv:1701.06292) in the context of integrable $\mathfrak{sl}_2$ vertex
PushTASEP in inhomogeneous space
We consider the PushTASEP (pushing totally asymmetric simple exclusion process, also sometimes called long-range TASEP) with the step initial configuration evolving in an inhomogeneous space. That
Some algebraic structures in the KPZ universality.
We review some algebraic and combinatorial structures that underlie models in the KPZ universality class. Emphasis is given on the Robinson-Schensted-Knuth correspondence and its geometric lifting


Hall–Littlewood RSK field
We introduce a randomized Hall–Littlewood RSK algorithm and study its combinatorial and probabilistic properties. On the probabilistic side, a new model—the Hall–Littlewood RSK field—is introduced.
Stochastic Higher Spin Vertex Models on the Line
We introduce a four-parameter family of interacting particle systems on the line, which can be diagonalized explicitly via a complete set of Bethe ansatz eigenfunctions, and which enjoy certain
Dynamical stochastic higher spin vertex models
We introduce a new family of integrable stochastic processes, called dynamical stochastic higher spin vertex models, arising from fused representations of Felder’s elliptic quantum group $$E_{\tau ,
Higher spin six vertex model and symmetric rational functions
We consider a fully inhomogeneous stochastic higher spin six vertex model in a quadrant. For this model we derive concise integral representations for multi-point q-moments of the height function and
Geometric RSK correspondence, Whittaker functions and symmetrized random polymers
We show that the geometric lifting of the RSK correspondence introduced by A.N. Kirillov (Physics and Combinatorics. Proc. Nagoya 2000 2nd Internat Workshop, pp. 82–150, 2001) is volume preserving
KPZ and Airy limits of Hall-Littlewood random plane partitions
In this paper we consider a probability distribution on plane partitions, which arises as a one-parameter generalization of the q^{volume} measure. This generalization is closely related to the
Refined Cauchy/Littlewood identities and six-vertex model partition functions: II. Proofs and new conjectures
We prove two identities of Hall–Littlewood polynomials, which appeared recently in Betea and Wheeler (2014). We also conjecture, and in some cases prove, new identities which relate infinite sums of
On a family of symmetric rational functions