YAC transgenesis in farm animals: rescue of albinism in rabbits.

  title={YAC transgenesis in farm animals: rescue of albinism in rabbits.},
  author={Gottfried Brem and Urban Besenfelder and Bernhard Aigner and Matthias A. M{\"u}ller and I Liebl and G. Sch{\"u}tz and Lluis Montoliu},
  journal={Molecular reproduction and development},
  volume={44 1},
The generation of transgenic mice with mammalian genes cloned in yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) has generated great interest in the field of gene transfer into livestock. Many of the problems associated with standard transgenesis-such as lack of crucial regulator elements and position effects related to the integration site, which lead to variation in expression levels irrespective of the dose of the transgene-have been practically overcome. The large size of YAC-derived gene constructs… CONTINUE READING

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