Y-chromosome evidence confirmed the Kerei-Abakh origin of Aksay Kazakhs

  title={Y-chromosome evidence confirmed the Kerei-Abakh origin of Aksay Kazakhs},
  author={S. Wen and C. Sun and Danlu Song and Yun-Zhi Huang and Xinzhu Tong and Hai-Liang Meng and H. Yao and Panxin Du and Lanhai Wei and Lingxiang Wang and Chuan-Chao Wang and Mei-sen Shi and Yongsen Lan and J. Wang and L. Jin and M. Zhabagin and Xiaodong Xie and H. Li},
  journal={Journal of Human Genetics},
  • S. Wen, C. Sun, +15 authors H. Li
  • Published 2020
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Journal of Human Genetics
Aksay Kazakhs are the easternmost branch of Kazakhs, residing in Jiuquan city, the forefront of the ancient Silk Road. However, the genetic diversity of Aksay Kazakhs and its relationships with other Kazakhs still lack attention. To clarify this issue, we analyzed the non-recombining portion of the Y-chromosome from 93 Aksay Kazakhs samples, using a high-resolution analysis of 106 biallelic markers and 17 STRs. The lowest haplogroup diversity (0.38) was observed in Aksay Kazakhs among all… Expand

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