Y chromosome diversity among the Iranian religious groups: A reservoir of genetic variation

  title={Y chromosome diversity among the Iranian religious groups: A reservoir of genetic variation},
  author={Zahra Lashgary and A. Khodadadi and Y. Singh and S. M. Houshmand and F. Mahjoubi and P. Sharma and S. Singh and M. Seyedin and A. Srivastava and M. Ataei and Z. Mohammadi and N. Rezaei and R. N. K. Bamezai and M. Sanati},
  journal={Annals of Human Biology},
  pages={364 - 371}
  • Zahra Lashgary, A. Khodadadi, +11 authors M. Sanati
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annals of Human Biology
  • Background: Iran is ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse. However, little is known about the population genetics of Iranian religious communities. Aim: This study was performed in order to define the different paternal components of the Iranian gene pool. Subjects and methods: Fourteen Y chromosome bi-allelic markers were analysed in 130 male subjects from Assyrian, Armenian and Zoroastrian groups in comparison with 208 male subjects from three Iranian Muslim groups. Results… CONTINUE READING
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