Y-chromosome biallelic polymorphisms and Native American population structure.

  title={Y-chromosome biallelic polymorphisms and Native American population structure.},
  author={M C Bortolini and Francisco M Salzano and Claiton Henrique Dotto Bau and Zulay Layrisse and Maria Luiza Petzl-Erler and Luiza Tamie Tsuneto and Kim Hill and Ana Magdalena Hurtado and Dinorah Castro-de-Guerra and Gabriel Bedoya and Andres Ruiz-Linares},
  journal={Annals of human genetics},
  volume={66 Pt 4},
It has been proposed that women had a higher migration rate than men throughout human evolutionary history. However, in a recent study of South American natives using mtDNA restriction fragment polymorphisms and Y-chromosome microsatellites we failed to detect a significant difference in estimates of migration rates between the sexes. As the high mutation rate of microsatellites might affect estimates of population structure, we now examine biallelic polymorphisms in both mtDNA and the Y… CONTINUE READING

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