Y-chromosomal sequences of diverse Indian populations and the ancestry of the Andamanese

  title={Y-chromosomal sequences of diverse Indian populations and the ancestry of the Andamanese},
  author={M. Mondal and A. Bergstr{\"o}m and Y. Xue and F. Calafell and H. Laayouni and F. Casals and P. Majumder and C. Tyler-Smith and J. Bertranpetit},
  journal={Human Genetics},
  • M. Mondal, A. Bergström, +6 authors J. Bertranpetit
  • Published 2017
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Human Genetics
  • We present 42 new Y-chromosomal sequences from diverse Indian tribal and non-tribal populations, including the Jarawa and Onge from the Andaman Islands, which are analysed within a calibrated Y-chromosomal phylogeny incorporating South Asian (in total 305 individuals) and worldwide (in total 1286 individuals) data from the 1000 Genomes Project. In contrast to the more ancient ancestry in the South than in the North that has been claimed, we detected very similar coalescence times within… CONTINUE READING
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