Y-TZP ceramics for artificial joint replacements.

  title={Y-TZP ceramics for artificial joint replacements.},
  author={Corrado Piconi and Wolfgang Burger and Helen G. Richter and Achille Cittadini and Giulio Maccauro and Valeria Covacci and N Bruzzese and Giuseppe Ricci and Emilio Marmo},
  volume={19 16},
Due to their excellent mechanical properties, Yttria-stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal ceramics (Y-TZP) are used in ball heads for Total Hip Replacements. It is known that Y-TZP materials may show strength degradation due to ageing or to hydrothermal treatment. Also high wear of UHMWPE sockets coupled to steam sterilized Y-TZP ball heads after a short implantation period was recently reported. This effect may be related to ball head surface phase transformation, due to corrosive attack… CONTINUE READING