Y‐chromosome variation in South Iberia: Insights into the North African contribution

  title={Y‐chromosome variation in South Iberia: Insights into the North African contribution},
  author={L. Alvarez and C. Santos and R. Montiel and B. Caeiro and A. Baali and Jean-Michel Dugoujon and M. Aluja},
  journal={American Journal of Human Biology},
  • L. Alvarez, C. Santos, +4 authors M. Aluja
  • Published 2009
  • Geography, Medicine
  • American Journal of Human Biology
  • Population of Pedroches Valley, a hypothetical Berber settlement, located in the northwest portion of Córdoba province (Andalusia, Spain), had been analyzed for its Y‐chromosome diversity. Moreover, to contextualize this population, 127 Y‐chromosomes from a general Andalusia sample and a North African Berber community (Marrakech, Morocco) were also typed. For all samples, 24 single nucleotide polymorphisms of the non‐recombining portion of the Y‐chromosome (NRY) were analyzed and those samples… CONTINUE READING
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