Y‐chromosome genetic variation in Rio De Janeiro population

  title={Y‐chromosome genetic variation in Rio De Janeiro population},
  author={D. Silva and E. Carvalho and G. Costa and L. Tavares and A. Amorim and L. Gusm{\~a}o},
  journal={American Journal of Human Biology},
  • D. Silva, E. Carvalho, +3 authors L. Gusmão
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine, Geography
  • American Journal of Human Biology
  • The present‐day Brazilian gene pool is known to be the outcome of an admixture process of populations from different origins, mainly Amerindians, Europeans, and Africans. It is also known that in Brazil, a wide variation in the admixture process occurred in different regions of the country or even in different subpopulations from the same region. In the present study, we aimed to characterize the male lineages present in the Rio de Janeiro population, the second most populated of the 26… CONTINUE READING
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