Xyloglucans in different types of cotton (Gossypium sp.) cells

  title={Xyloglucans in different types of cotton (Gossypium sp.) cells},
  author={Antony J. Buchala and Thierry Genoud and Samuel Roulin and Kathrin Summermatter},
The different xyloglucans obtained from the cell walls of cotton fibres, cotton leaves, suspension-cultured cotton cells, and from the culture medium of the latter cells have been characterized by methylation and 13 C-NMR. The proportions of the constituent monosaccharides are quite similar-glucose:xylose:galactose:fucose (2.4-2.0:1:0.5-0.3:0.3-0.1) and the xyloglucans all have a main chain of β-1,4-linked D-glucopyranosyl residues to which α-xylopyranosyl-, 2-O-β-galactopyranosyl… CONTINUE READING